Airborne Express still delivering….staples.


Airborne was founded as the Airborne Flower Traffic Association of California in 1946 to fly flowers from the state of Hawaii to US Mainland.

In 1980, the airline changed its name to Airborne Express. After buying Midwest Air Charter, Airborne Express made history by buying the Clinton County Air Force Base in Wilmington and became the first airline in history to own and operate an airport. Airborne developed special narrow containers, called “C Containers” which allowed the use of passenger jet aircraft without needing a large cargo door modification.
In 1987, while attending Texas Tech University, I began working for Airborne Express, delivering mail all across the Texas Panhandle. The drivers were encouraged to build relationships with our clients and one way we did that was by leaving them Airborne Express promotional items, like the paperclip dispenser in the photo.

Prior to their acquisition by DHL in 2003, Airborne Express was the third largest private express delivery company in the United States.